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Hi, I'm Barry. First and foremost, I want to welcome and thank you for being here.

You've done something that many people never do, and that is follow through.

This is a big deal because it tells me you're an action taker and searching for a legitimate way to create a reliable side income.

I'm a real person and I created this page to connect with other like-minded people, and share my insights that most people never learn about making money online.

You see, for the last 15 years I've researched, tested, and invested in the best
home-based business and investment opportunities I can find. And more importantly,
the ones that actually work for ordinary people (just like you).

I've learned that to succeed on the Internet, you need something radically
different than all the gimmicky, get-rich-quick type programs - something that the masses can realistically succeed at.

Maybe you've already tried or at least looked at a bunch of other money-making opportunities.

If so, you're probably feeling confused and overwhelmed from all the options and would just like for someone to take you by the hand and just TELL you: "Here, just do this..." and results start to happen.

You want to succeed as quickly, easily, painlessly, and simply as possible. ​

I get it.

It can be rough out there. So, if you want someone who will be real with you when it comes to making money online, then pay close attention. Because what I'm about to share with you can absolutely change your life. 

And listen, I know on the internet it seems like everything can change your life. But I can tell you with 100% confidence that this is one of those rare opportunities that can honestly do that for you.

How can I be so sure?

Because I'm living proof!

I'm personally generating consistent cash flow from it right now. In fact, I've gotten a check every single month without fail!

It seems like everyone you read about online these days has some kind of sob rags to riches story.

Well, my story is a little different. I was born and raised in New York. Before retiring at age 58, I used to work as an accountant for the U.S. government.

I really enjoyed my job, but the long work hours and having to deal with office politics and petty co-workers was putting a lot of strain on me and my family.

Things eventually got to the point where I was so fed up with all the shenanigans that I decided to quit and take early retirement.

Since then, my wife and I have had a lot of fun traveling around the world and spending quality time with our daughters.

Like a lot of people, my online journey began out of a desire to make more money.

I wanted to find a way to automate my income so I could be making money whether I was working or not.

I was fascinated by the Internet. The challenge was, I didn't have a clue about how to make money from it.

Prior to finding my current business, I spent many years just spinning my wheels. I would join a networking marketing company and make a little money, then lose money whenever they changed the compensation or marketing plan.

I'd get my hopes built up and then I'd get my hopes crushed. I was also lied to by scammers and douche bag marketers just so they could get my money.

So I know exactly what it feels like to get suckered into joining programs that promise the moon but fail to deliver. And I'd never want to put anyone else in that kind of position.

Anyhow, after a lot of persistence (and sheer stubbornness), I finally cracked the code to making money online, and things changed for me very quickly.

Fortunately for me, I no longer have to work, and I've now made it my mission to show other people like you the shortcut that took me so many frustrating years of struggling and a small fortune to learn.

My #1 Recommended Business

Imagine a business where you:

* DO NOT have to recruit or refer anyone to start earning
* DO NOT have to bug or pester your friends and family
* DO NOT have to sell anything
* Can get paid weekly and monthly like clockwork via direct deposit
* Can build your income as slow or as fast as you like

Some of these benefits may sound a bit out of the norm... and they are.

However, this is not some traditional multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing, direct sales, franchise, or any other model most people have seen or tried in the past.

Millions of people have been involved in a variety of MLM and network marketing programs over the last several decades. Yet, even though customers are the lifeblood of any business, the majority of them have never produced a single customer.

Think about that for a second.

Sure, many of them have recruited at least a few people into their income opportunity, but they've never actually sold their company's product(s) to even one legitimate CUSTOMER.

This sad truth isn't the exception... that's just the way it is for the vast majority of home business owners. And no real customers guarantees failure.

However, a lack of customers isn't a problem with the company you're going to learn about.

In fact, this company has already generated over 2.8 million customers for its independent business owners through TV, radio, direct-mail, print, and online advertising campaigns.

For a small one-time fee, you can purchase the profit-sharing rights to their already paying customers (not leads), and generate an ongoing stream of hands-free cash-flow from any purchases those customers make, FOR LIFE.

Funny thing is, the company behind this opportunity is 19 years-old and is still pretty much UNKNOWN to most home-based entrepreneurs.

Yet, they've proven to be one of the most stable, long-term companies around. And the best part is, it was designed for people who don't like to sell.

Your Next Step

If you want to stop dreaming about success and financial freedom and actually experience what it's like to live life on your own terms, you're going to love this...

There are very few online businesses I know of that have the ability to create true, automated income.

I consider it to be one of the best residual income-producing opportunities I've ever come across in the last 15 years.

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Thanks for dropping by and whether we do business together or not, I wish you all the success you deserve!

Your friend on the inside,

Barry Knopf

If you have any questions, call or email me: (703) 407-4874 -

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