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Hey there. Welcome to my site!

I'm Brad Weinman - husband, artist, serial entrepreneur, investor, freedom warrior, curious truth-seeker, and lover of animals, nature, international travel, historic architecture, American muscle cars, craft beer, and chocolate.

Warren Buffet once said that "If you don't find a way to make money while 
you sleep, you'll work until you die."

With that goal in mind, I help busy people (just like you) how to make an extra $2,000 to $5,000+ per week (even while you're sleeping) without sacrificing your family time or existing work schedule.

I'll share with you exactly how that's possible.

But before we dive in, let me tell you a true story...

Like a lot of people, my online journey began out of a desire to make more money... 

I grew up in an average, working-class family where both of my parents worked full-time jobs to support my brother and sister and me.

I knew early on (as far back as High School) that the traditional career path most people take wasn't for me.

I wasn't just gonna go to college and get a regular 9-5.

I fell in love with creating things as far back as I can remember.

I played with LEGO and doodled all the time.

Drawing and painting was something that came naturally to me.

So, after I graduated from college I launched my career as a freelance illustrator (think Norman Rockwell).

For an introvert like me who craves solitude, being able to make a living as an artist was great.

Well... at first.

I pretty much designed my days around painting pictures (like the ones above) in my home studio and got to set my own hours.

I got to paint for clients like Disney, LA Times Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly... and even won several national awards for my work.

I was busy all the time.

And that's the problem, because...


After 5 hard years of bustin' my hump to meet client deadlines, I was mentally and physically burned out.

To make matters worse, I was in debt up to my eyeballs.

It was scary because I usually had to wait at least 45 days to get paid from my clients.

One time I had a client that was 30 days late and my measly savings were dwindling down fast.

I use to sit at my kitchen table and reluctantly look over my bills, trying to decide which ones I could put off until later.

Have you ever been so broke that you were actually scared to open your bills?

For me it was like playing musical chairs — never knowing if my cable, my phone, or my electricity would be turned off next.

During this rough patch, I'd put on a smile, but underneath it all I was sad and depressed. 

I remember the day I looked in the mirror and didn't even recognize who I saw looking back at me.

I rarely mention this because it's so personal to me, but I feel it's important to bare my soul for you because I know other people have been in my shoes.

You might even be going through a similar personal or financial challenge right now.


The stress from being on that financial roller coaster ride all those years made me feel like a pile of crap because I wasn't making the kind of money I wanted to.

Ever feel this way?

One Day I Woke Up With a Huge Pit in My Stomach

I had this gnawing feeling in my gut and thought to myself...

"Is the next 40 years of my life going to be spent hunched over a drafting table for 12 hours a day just so I can make enough money to get by and maybe take a decent vacation each year?"

I was in a pretty bad place.

Something had to give and I knew I had to start looking for a way out.

I needed to find another source of income to supplement or even replace the income from my art business...

Something that didn't force me to have to be working all the friggin' time to meet client deadlines.

My whole goal was to make an extra $100 a day and finally be able to take a much needed vacation with my then-girlfriend, Chiara (who's now my wife).

$100 per day would've been enough to cover my rent and my bills and allow me to start paying off my debt.

Although I was fascinated by the Internet, I didn't have a clue about how to use it to make money. 

So I started snooping around online...

I saw all the ads that promised instant wealth at the push of a button (they were all complete bullsh*t by the way).

After a ton of research though, I found and joined my first business opportunity.

I Loved The Feeling of Sitting on My Porch With a Cup of Coffee And Plugging Away at My Business

Placing ads and watching my email for sales notifications was an introvert's dream come true.

Well, except for the selling part...

See, the marketing funnel I was using for my business did a great job of capturing people's emails, but it didn't do a great job of converting leads into commissions.

It got me leads... but it didn't get me sales.

So I'd have to pick up the phone and cold-call strangers (gasp!) to try to get them to join my business.

Not surprisingly, I got hung up on... a LOT.

Cold-calling was brutal for an introvert like me.

And whenever I had to make phone calls, it would suck all the energy out of me.

I could feel my anxiety level start to rise every time I reached for the phone.

I'd think to myself, "This is what I'm trying to avoid!"

Long story short, I spent my first few years online running in circles.

I would stay up til 3am trying to make money online.

I'd spend money, make a little money, then lose money.

I'd get my hopes built up, then I'd get my hopes crushed.

I was lied to by scammers and douche bag marketers just so they could get my money.

So I know exactly what it feels like to get suckered into joining programs that promise the moon but don't deliver.

And I'd never want to put anyone else in that kind of position.

My reputation and integrity is way more important to me than the money.

In any case, I hit roadblock after roadblock and went through that vicious cycle over and over again (maybe you have too).

"It's all a load of crap!"

Or at least that's what I thought to myself after the first few years of trying to build an online business.

I started wondering what the hell was wrong with me and felt like a loser.

With all these negative thoughts swirling around in my head, I wasn't sure if I was cut out for all this 'make money online' stuff.

Truth be told, I kinda just dabbled here and there, but I was never 'all in' or 100% committed.

I considered throwin' in the towel and just giving up.

But then things took a turn for the worse...

Without Warning, My Back Went Out... Bad

I was diagnosed with degenerative scoliosis when I was 16 (inherited it from my Dad's side of the family).

Most people associate scoliosis with teenagers who have to wear a metal brace to straighten their back.

But in my case, the discs in my lumbar (lower spine) were wearing down prematurely and making it hard for me to sit or stand for long periods of time.

I had dealt with the everyday soreness for years... but this time was different.

I was in my kitchen reaching for a cereal bowl when all of the sudden I felt a sharp pain instantly shoot up my back.

I didn't know what was happening, so my first instinct was to lie down on the floor.

The pain was so excruciating that I was having a hard time breathing, which totally freaked me out.

I ended up in bed for 5 days to recuperate and couldn't work at all.


The next week I went to the hospital where the doctor took a look and said I had a slipped disc.

Here's how the conversation went...

Me: "So, what can I do?"

My doc: "Not much. You can take some ibuprofen and come in for some physical therapy."

Me: "And that will make the problem go away?"

My doc: "No, it will make it bearable... maybe. But it will never go away completely and your scoliosis will continue to worsen over time."

Me: "Will I be able to do full-time work over my drafting table again?"

My doc: "Maybe."


So, there I was. The only thing I'd ever learned to do well was draw and paint pictures.

Now I Was Facing The Rest of My Life With a Debilitating Condition That Could End My Freelance Art Career

This was the breaking point for me.

Somehow it sparked just the right combination of terror and anger I needed to shock me into action.

So, as soon as I started my physical therapy sessions, I decided to dust myself off and went back to my online business with a newfound determination to make it work.

I knew I needed to find a way to automate my income so I could be making money whether I was working or not.

Problem was, I didn't know how to get the kind of results that would set me free.

Why were some people crushing it online while I was getting pathetic results?

Do you ever feel like that?...

Like there's some secret that you're missing out on?

For years I looked for a secret...

Like if there was a backdoor I didn't know about.

Funny thing is, I knew a guy who was really successful online.

I don't know why, but I never thought of asking him for help.

Then one day I got an email from him that said...

"Hey, if you need my help with anything, just ping me!"

So I sent him a text:

"Hey man, I'm stuck. Can we talk?"

About an hour later I got a reply:

"Sure, I can talk now if you want."

So, we hopped on the phone and within 10 minutes my newfound mentor told me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it.

After I got off the call, I felt like Indiana Jones discovering a long-lost treasure.

I had no idea what to expect, but I took my mentor's advice and did exactly what he told me to do.

My Mind Was Blown By What Happened Next...

Almost immediately, I had people wanting to join my business... it was almost effortless.

But even more surprising, I had a bunch of people joining my business without ever talking to me (this continues to happen on a daily basis)!

The very first week I started to implement this strategy I made $7,790 in commissions...

*Synergy Global Ventures, Inc. is the name of my business.

I still remember it like it was yesterday.

After years of failure and struggle, I had finally cracked the code to making money online and things changed for me very quickly.

I had my first $100k year in 2001 and my first $500k+ year in 2006... 

*My income is not typical, so let me teach you how to beat the "norm".

I don't share my results to brag or boast - that's not my style.

The only reason I share them is to show you what's possible.

Thing is, I'm NOT smarter than anyone else.

I'm NOT luckier than anyone else.

And there's NOTHING special about me.

In fact, I got straight B's, C's and D's in High School.

So, if an introverted goofball like me with no prior internet marketing experience can do it, so can you... and I'll personally work with you to help you achieve whatever level of success you desire.

Fast forward...

I've now been working online as my ONLY source of income for almost two decades.

During that time I've researched, reviewed and tested just about every type of money-making opportunity on the planet.

I've pretty much seen it all, bought it all... and tried it all.

From network marketing, to affiliate marketing, direct sales, direct mail, e-commerce, drop-shipping, Forex robots, binary options trading, rev-share programs, CPA marketing, and waaaaayyyy too many other opportunities to count.

Most of them were complete duds, but some actually made some profit and I eventually managed to finally eek out a "few" bucks along the way.

Most of the stuff out there isn't worth my time, effort, or money (nor is it worth yours).

However, I rated the business I'm going to introduce to you as my #1 recommendation out of over 400+ systems I've personally reviewed.

Get Paid Instantly... Even While You're
Sleeping or on Vacation, Like Me...

Why Should You Care?

What I do doesn't just work for me...

For the past 18 years I've helped people just like you start to make their first real money online in their spare time, quit their day jobs, and create true freedom in their lives.

I don't claim to have all the answers, and I can't promise or guarantee you'll get the same results I've gotten (you could do better or worse)...

But I've taken total newbies with no prior online marketing skills or experience and helped them build their own 5- and 6-figure per year businesses online.

What My Students Have to Say:

Proof From New Team Members
Who Are Having Success

Your Next Step

Now that you know what I've shared with you is real, let's talk about how we can make it real for YOU.

If you'd like to give your family a better life, be able to travel the world anytime you wish, hop on a plane on a whim and not have to worry about money, a job, or any other commitments, then click the big orange button below.

There are very few online businesses I know of that have the ability to create a job-replacing income quickly.

The automated system my friend David created for my team and I is one of them.

The best part is it's newbie-friendly and you'll never have to do any selling.

Check out my #1 recommendation - it's the fastest way I know of to go from zero to a six-figure income working very part-time... 

My mission is simple...

To help more people finally achieve their online breakthrough by leveraging automated systems that produce large amounts of consistent cash-flow, and by mentoring them every step of the way.

I'm a real person and I care about your success.

There's nothing more fulfilling for me than to help one of my new students make enough in 1 single week to pay their mortgage, health insurance, utilities and groceries.

My hope is that you found some value here, some things to ponder about, to be inspired by, or otherwise leave you feeling that it was worth investing your time to read my story.

I invite you to take the floaties off and come swim in the deeper side of life with me.

Thanks for dropping by and whether we do business together or not, I wish you all the success you deserve!

Your friend on the inside,


P.S. Be sure to ask me about my fast start bonuses after you check out my automated system!

P.P.S. If you're already involved in an online business that you love and you'd like to hire me to coach you, or you just need my help on something you're stuck with, drop me a line and let's connect.

~ Brad ~

Got questions? 

Wanna talk to me before you join? 

Call me directly between 9:00am and 6:00pm PST Monday - Friday and Saturday after 11:00am to get your questions answered.

Call me at (805) 850-3899

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