Rapid Cash Profit Formula
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Thanks so much for purchasing the licensing rights to rebrand my Rapid Cash Profit Formula e-book! (Click here to read the Rebrandable Rights License Agreement.)

I recommend that before you do any rebranding, be sure you have a quick read through the e-book again just to get familiar with it.

You'll notice that the e-book has a number of affiliate links you can customize. Unlike many rebrandable e-books, not just some of the links will be yours, ALL OF THEM will be!

You can set the links throughout the e-book to promote anything you like, and name them anything you like. It's completely up to you.

Also, towards the bottom of this page I've added visual samples of what my capture page, optin form, and thank you/bridge page looks like for this type of funnel - feel free to replicate them if you want or create your own versions with different copy.

Imagine the power of this e-book when it's distributed to hundreds or even thousands of prospects! Anything they sign up for or purchase through your affiliate links will earn you passive commissions!

Please follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1). The e-book was created using Microsoft Word and needs to be personalized with YOUR information. Plus, since you'll be able to manipulate the original file, you can add any additional website links or content you'd like to.

Click here to download the master file.

Step 2). Convert your file to a PDF. After you create your document, you'll want to make sure it's readable on all computers.

The way to do that is to create a "PDF" document out of it. You can use the pdf creation capability of Microsoft Word, which will let you convert Word (.doc) documents into pdf files from directly within Word (using File->Save as PDF)

You can also use this free web-based software: http://freepdfconvert.com

If you have any trouble with the downloads, or need to get in touch for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to email me directly: passiveincomerenegade @ gmail.com

Thanks again!

~ Brad Weinman

Sample Report/E-Book Funnel

Here's a quick overview of how I personally - and the vast majority of other successful marketers - use free reports and e-books like this to make money online:

Below, I've included some visual examples of what each page in my free report/e-book funnel looks like - feel free to replicate these pages for your own use.

Tip: If you're not experienced with using Wordpress page builders, I recommend using ClickFunnels, which is very user-friendly.

Sample Capture Page

Sample Email Optin Form

This is the form that pops up whenever someone clicks on the orange 'SEND ME THE REPORT' button...

Sample Thank You/Bridge Page 

This is the thank you/bridge page subscribers are redirected to when they optin...

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